Create & Bind Query To Save Button When Updating Data In Table? Select/Delete Record?

I have a table that reads/writes to a google sheets spreadsheet. I've made the fields editable in their properties, but I can't get the update query to run without giving me this error. The save button doesn't seem to be active:


Another question I had was I'd like to add the little 'X' at the end of each record to allow it to be easily deleted, but couldn't find an option. If it's too complicated to add, I'd prefer to use the checkbox/select option then click a custom action button tied to a delete query. What's the best way to easily delete single/multiple records directly from a table?

Hey @jdlev!

What exactly is the error you're seeing? It looks as though the screenshot you've added might be from here? Can certainly take a look with you :slightly_smiling_face:

For the delete question - you can reference {{ }} in the query that actually deletes the record. If you use a custom button column in your table to run the query the row it is in should automatically be selected when you click it so you'll be referencing the clicked row. Then you'll just need to grab whatever properties you'd like to filter by:

If you'd rather using a checkbox/select option you can try setting up a custom boolean column to display a check next to the selected row:

Or, enable multi-select and use a JavaScript query to trigger multiple delete queries at once. In this last case you'd still be using, but this time as an array to loop through in your JS query.

Let me know if that helps or raises any additional questions!