Create Admin panel on READ ONLY database

Hello all,

I'm quite new here and i'm trying to build an admin panel to do some queries based on a one pag admin panel.
We have differents tables and so far i could create an array of the different tenants.

I would like to create 1 table with different checkboxes and searching values.
If the checkbox is selected there need to be done that querie and can be combined with selected other checkboxes when needed.

Also when a value is filled in in date / number input it should search in different collumns as selected in queries. If nothing is filled in it should do nothing with that.

It's quite a little strange / hard for me to create this.
Can someone help me to create this or advise me how to work on it ?

Kind regards,
Thanks for your effort!

Welcome to the forum!
Can you share any mockups? Or explain further what you need to create?

I think you're going to want to use the Query JSON with SQL resource to accomplish this. If I understand correctly you want different checkboxes and text input to create a custom filtering/searching?

this module shows how you can build custom SQL Statements based on different input. I just cobbled it together, but hopefully this is what you're trying to do. if not, just let me know

dynamicSQLStatement (1).json (50.1 KB)

to use this, create a new module or app then click the 3 dots in the top right corner next to the blue Share button. then click import and select the file.