Create a doc and save it in google drive or One Drive

Hi everyone,

As part of an app I want to give the user some letter templates to choose from. These will be populated with client info from a database and the user can then edit them to add/remove any details.

Finally I want to be able to save these files in the user's onedrive or Google drive. Has anyone had experience completing something similar before and do you know of any resources that could help kickstart things?

Does anyone know if this would be easier to complete using Onedrive or google docs?

All the best,

Hey @farthingcomms, I've never done this before so I can't guarantee that your goal is entirely possible in Retool. That being said, it seems like it should be. We do have a REST API resource that you could connect to either Google Drive's API or OneDrive's API. Skimming through both, I personally would first try with Google Drive since I was easily able to find information suggesting that you will be able to convert HTML or plain text to a Google Doc.

Retool has a text area where you can reference Retool variables within {{ }} and write in Github flavored Markdown, plain text, or HTML. You could put your letter templates in a listview component or populate them with the data from a selected row of a table.

I hope that helps to get you started :smile: