Could not invite 1 user with existing account in other organization

I am trying to give editor access to my manager for one of my apps but it says "Could not invite 1 user with existing account in other organization". Is there any way of adding a user who is already a part of another organization?

A trick I was told about but have not tried is to change the email to something like Many email servers will ignore everything after the +. Retool sees it as a different login and email can still be received as if it was

Can't guarantee it will work fo you, but it does work for gmail addresses for instance.

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I have had the same issue twice. Also, an invitation was sent, the user was notified but was then unable to activate the account. And the invited user then did not show up on the admin panel as "invited user".

Can someone from @retool support please answer?
Thank you

Hey @MichielT! Happy to help here. When you say the user was unable to activate the account, did it give them any specific error messages? And feel free to DM me the email addresses so I can look into their statuses on our end!

Hi Victoria

Thanks for the swift reply. I've attached the error message. It is "Invitation invalid" in the pink box in the image.


How do I DM you?

Look forward to hearing from you.



Hmm interesting! If you click on my name, there should be an option to "Message" :slight_smile:

Once I have those emails, I can do some digging to try figuring out what's going wrong!

I'm also having this issue on the free version. Trying to invite using Gmail addresses but says they are part of another organization. I reached out to 2 of the users and they say they've never used Retool before. What am I doing wrong?

@jdavey Happy to look into this with you! Would you mind DM’ing me the email addresses you’re trying to invite?

@victoria pardon my ignorance here, but how do I DM you? I don't see a Message option when I click on your name.

Oh weird :face_with_monocle: you should see a message option. I'll look into that later. In the meantime, I'll DM you now and you should be able to reply to that DM

Would there be a solution to this?


There is! User emails can only belong to one Retool org at a time. You have two options here:

The user with the email you’re trying to invite can log into their current org and remove their account following these instructions:

You can also invite their email with an alias, like This allows them to exist in multiple orgs at once with the same email, as any messages that go to an aliased email will go to the same email inbox.

Let me know how that goes for you!

Thanks for the info, invite sent. :crossed_fingers:

Let me know how it goes!

Hi folks! fyi, this is now resolved at the product level as the eng team has unlocked the ability to belong to multiple Cloud Retool orgs with a single email address, if you so choose! Could not invite 1 user with existing account in other organization errors should be no longer, and there isn't as much of a need to use the gmail alias workaround, though of course you can still use those aliases if you'd like :slight_smile:

See this update on the Feature Request post for more info.