Couchdb - Mango query - 'Find' function - How to?


I tried to run a simple mango query 'find' function on a database with a request like this:

"selector": {
"title": "abcd"

It's giving the below error:

Cannot read property 'match' of undefined

  • statusCode:422
  • error:"Unprocessable Entity"
  • message:"Cannot read property 'match' of undefined"
  • data:null
  • :arrow_forward:

queryExecutionMetadata:{} 4 keys

  • estimatedResponseSizeBytes:115
  • resourceTimeTakenMs:317
  • isPreview:false
  • resourceType:"couchdb"
  • source:"resource"

This same query works on a html/js script file in a browser and also in couchdb backend (where you can run mango queries).

Also, couchdb 'get' function is working (in Retool app).

Please let know is there something I am missing or any working example on find function.

thanks and regards,

Hi @rkr !

Can't seem to repro this one!

What version of CouchDB are you using? Does it return this error for all Mango queries?


Thanks for the reply. I am running pouch-db and version is 4.2.0.

Also, '.Get' query is running in Retool, hence posted to check whether doing things right.

Please, also let know if need to install couch-db (not pouch-db).

thanks and regards,


Thanks for the help. I installed couch-db and queries are running good.

Will intimate further if any progress on the pouch-db side.

thanks and regards,

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