Copy style from another component

With all of the new style options available (and assuming more are coming) it would be nice to be able to copy the style from one component onto another.

The obvious workaround which everyone is probably doing is to copy an existing component and then make needed changes to its other properties.

But with a more complex component, like a table it would often be faster to add a fresh component, set its properties and then copy the styles from another component you have style up.

Another use case would be when changing the look and feel of an an existing app. You could style a single button, table, select and so on to get just the right design. Then you could copy that to a bunch of other buttons and tables and such.

Maybe you could style a component and then save that style and give it a name. You could then select that style from a drop down within the Styles sections. Making it global across the organization would be ideal.