Control Component - Select row by key only allows number

Hi there,

I have a GET query that updates the data in a Table component. Upon success of the query, I'd like to select a specific row in the table (the latest record).

I tried to create a success handler with Control Component -> Select Row -> Target Row by Key but it only allows a number instead of a string?

The value has to be of type 'number | void', you provided a value of type 'string'

Is there a way to feed a string in given that table's primary key ID is a string?


Hi @moove it doesn't look like there is a way around seeing this error currently :disappointed: I'll share this feedback with our team though

Any chance that it still works when you pass in a string? :crossed_fingers: On my side, I'm seeing an error, but when it actually runs, it selects the correct row.

Hi @Tess thanks for coming back to me. Unfortunately that doesn't quite work for us because we require the key to come from a database query that's a string and that didn't work.

However, it's all good, we found a work-around for this, by setting a local storage variable and having the table read that variable instead.