Constant Re-authentication on Google REST API access

Our app uses a few Google APIs. It generally works just fine, but every few days I get a request to re-authenticate

When I click on the Authenticate button I'm sometimes sent through the auth flow, then when it comes back to the original screen it shows me the same auth issue for the same resource.

This corrects itself sometimes within hours, and sometimes days later.

Hi @SunilDe!

Referencing our Troubleshooting Resource Connections guide,

"If your OAuth2 resources are prompting you to re-authenticate on a regular basis, then there is likely an issue with the refresh token/flow. Make sure the refresh token is being saved properly after authenticating (you can check the token status in the resource), and that you have the required scopes to refresh the access token. You may need to manually create the re-authentication flow in a custom auth if it is non-standard."

Would you mind sharing a screenshot of your current resource setup page? Feel free to block out any secrets!