Connection terminated due to connection timeout

I have an error in my retool application when i'm trying to import content from csv source
the error related to query timeout
I configure the timeout to (2min) but in my retool app it finish with just 10 s
what's bizarre in this error ,that the same query somtilmes work fine and sometimes terminated due to connection timeout
i tested the queries itself and it work correctly with few time
and I check the timeout in my database(Supabase) and the timeout of queries is 2 minutes
any solutions please ?

I also started getting this last week on 2 out of 3 environments. Not sure if it could be related to switching to Retool's EU based (Frankfurt) server, but in my case following Enable Retool outbound regions | Retool Docs solved this. All I did was to add to my allowed database connections.

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Hi @Moneem_Mtiraoui, welcome to the forum! :wave:
Are we still having this issue, or did @magnus's approach fix it?