Connecting Xero API - Authentication Help

I have followed the guidelines on these two posts:

I am stuck and I need help!

When i test authentication, I get redirected from Retool to Xero and I get the "something's wrong try again later" error on the Xero page.
Please check out what I have below. Apologies in advance if I just have a silly mistake haha~


Hi there @justin_tclv and welcome to the forum!

So it has been a long time since I set this up (it wasn't straightforward) so I'm not sure I remember everything I did.

The initial set up I have is identical to yours, except for the scope to which I added offline_access based on this documentation

Could the error be at the application URL in your Xero app within your developer account?? (If you're in cloud it should be somehting like

Hey Miguel! Thanks for the comment. And sorry it took so long to reply back! I tried that to no avail. I am still working on it, but if I figure it out I'll make sure to post it here!

i think i've seen this in the docs before and it confused me there also, my URL is is this different depending on the plan you're using or am i just missing something?

do the browser dev tools give any other errors?

I think @MiguelOrtiz is looking in the right direction, your OAuth2 workflow sets the callback URL to but the docs say it should be

I also found a few things in the google docs I'm sure you've already refferenced, but worth double checking i guess:

i have no clue what happens, if anything, when you do this backwards

i think both the orgins and redirect uris can go in the header, have you set these somewhere else?

while I'm blindly throwin darts, if you use a custom domain it might be worth checking your DNS settings