Connecting Rest API on internal Network


I am trying to connect to API's that are on the internal network of the machine, that is running the self hosted docker containers. How can I route some internal IP's to be reachable within retool?

Hey @Marcel_Nehrig!

Would you mind providing a bit more context here about your setup? Do you have Retool deployed just using docker or are you using Kubernetes, Helm, ECS, or something similar? It would also be helpful if you could share a bit more about how you're hosting your APIs - are they on the same service as Retool?

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Hi @Marcel_Nehrig,

By default Docker containers are not allowed/blocked from using resources on the host. It can be achieved though by using adding host.docker.internal hostname to your config. Google/Docker manual should help you. Haven't tried it yet with the docker-compose supplied by Retool yet.

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Thanks, for your replies.

It was an internal dev-op problem.

We have a self hosted environment. We have have some machines, we need to query in the network of the host, that we are running the retool on. I was able to trigger the other machine from the host with curl. that is why i felt, it must be what @mbruinoff mentioned, but i did not want to mess with the compose file.

Our dev-op managed to get this working, without changing the config.
I suppose, that it was some cloud firewall restrictions and our dev-op fixed it. Unfortunately I can not quite see what actually did the fix.

Thanks for your effort.