Connecting multiple multiselects from table in one database to a chart coming from a table in another database

I have 3-4 multiselect components on my app which come from a table in one database and I have a few bar charts as well which come from a different table (in another database). I would like to connect the charts to the multiselects. As the data is coming from different database, I need some input in connecting these.

Hi @Pradhyuth1605, welcome to the forum! :wave:
Are the "Multiselect" components meant to filter data from the chart? Or are we trying to JOIN data from the different tables and databases?
Could you share with us a bit more context about how the data from the charts should connect to the "Multiselect" components?


Hi @Paulo, Thanks, The data is already joined using queries and the multiselects are meant to filter the charts . I have resolved it using the query JSON with SQL feature by joining the two databases.

Thanks for the update! Query JSON with SQL is the ultimate resource. :muscle: