Connecting Components to actually do something

Hi! I am trying to get the hang of building apps here, and adding a component to a workspace seems pretty straightforward, but getting any of these components to do anything is a bit blurry to me. For example I added a status bar, but what would I do to actually connect that status bar to any actual progress within the app I am building? I guess I am still unsure of how queries know which component they are referring to.

I apologize if this is a stupid question but I am very lost.

Hey @WillyGolden! There are no stupid questions, only good answers. Queries are what you’re looking for - you connect them to components to get things moving. For example, you might have a text input and a button that updates a database field via a Postgres query.

We have a few beginner resources that might help you get a little bit more comfortable with the idea:

  • video: building your first Retool app walkthrough
  • docs: quickstart tutorial

Let me know if this helps!