Connecting Amazon Timestream to Retool

Having a little trouble connecting to our Amazon Timestream data. Any plans for a native connection? JDBC and Rest API are supported, but we cannot use JDBC without self-hosting Retool, correct? Or is there a way to have the driver included to cloud?

For the REST API, anyone have experience connecting and able to share an example query structure?


Hey @drewski - No current plans for a native connector, and yeah self-hosted allows mounting whatever JDBC drivers you're looking to use (we have to test/add them ad hoc on cloud). Might be easier to try to leverage their Python or Node SDKs in Workflows as a middle layer if you haven't tried that yet.

Thanks, @jmann. We are going to try the self-hosted route. Is there any additional documentation for mounting a JDBC driver within the self-hosted environment? I thought the JDBC docs had something, but the updated docs don't seem to include it.

Hmm I thought they did too, and there were notes on it at some point. Maybe got lost with our recent docs platform migration, I'll follow up on that on our side.

But at the end of the day, you'll just need to mount a directory for your Retool containers, set that container directory path in the JDBC_DIRECTORY_PATH environment variable for your api and db-connector containers, and add your .jar files to that directory on the host for the containers to access them. Specifics on how you do that depends on how you're deployed, but in any case pretty analogous setup to the configuration needed for custom TLS certs.

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All set. We are up and running. Thanks for the help here.

Awesome, and no problem! FYI tracked down the change in our docs, and the teams looking to re-add the specifics for JDBC and gRPC setup that went missing. Thanks for letting us know!