Connect workflow in forms suddenly not available

I have built a Form where upon submission of a reply one of my workflows is triggered.
Until last week, this has been working perfectly, but today I found the workflow connection option missing in the editor and also the functionality seems to be gone as the form does no longer trigger my workflow.

What has happened here and can I expect that this is going to be sorted out soon again?
Screenshot 2024-05-21 at 12.11.29

Thanks in advance

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We've noted the same too, this is critical to us

Hey @hahni @TomAtkinson! Looking into this now, I'll update you as soon as I get some answers for you.

Hey @TomAtkinson @hahni, the eng team should have resolved this, and I can no longer reproduce the issue. If you perform a hard refresh and go back to your forms, do you now see the option for workflows again?