Connect loop to other loop

Hi, I used 2 loop blocks and used the output of the first as input for the other, but the passed value is the entirety of the output of the first loop, not the individual elements in the array. So how do I pass data from one loop to another?

Hi @Tom_Cornelis

value is actually return each individual item from first loop for me. Can you verify by simply console.log value in your second loop?

Hi ,

I think I am getting where the error is coming from. Because I need to call the first loop several times, all the entries for the first loop block are bundled in an array that contains the output of the the first loop block in each element. I needed to create a new array that contained the output of the first loop block for each element like this:
Output first loop block: array(20) array(50) => array (1000)
I hope this helps others with this problem.

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