Conditional SQL query

I have a problem figuring out a query statement.
Here is my query:
SELECT description FROM Finance.depenses WHERE (CASE WHEN {{ cat_1_cascader.value }} LIKE '%' THEN cat_1 = {{ cat_1_cascader.value }} ELSE payment_method LIKE '%' END)
I want to show only the description field of the entries where my field cat_1 equals to my temporary state "cat_1_cascader". But if the temporary state is empty, I want to show the description field from all entries.
Thanks in advance for any help!

Hey @loicchabut35!

I'm sorry we missed this. These docs should show you how to display all your data if the filter value is empty! The syntax may vary a bit depending on your exact setup, so let me know if you still need any help :slight_smile: