Components placement not working on Tablet, Works on Laptop, Both Chrome

Hi There,

I've made a hello world blank app on my self hosted version of Retool. I can login and create the new app successfully. I work on 2 devices:

  1. Samsung S8 Tablet with Bluetooth mouse and keyboard, running chrome on Android 13
  2. HP Zbook, running latest Chrome on Win 11 (Touch Enabled)

On the Windows 11 machine in chrome I can create tables/buttons etc and dragging and dropping from the components pane onto the main canvass works fine. touch works for selecting things but no drag/drop functionality works (this is fine as i can still use the mouse/touchpad).

However on the tablet, I cannot drag / drop in the same way even when using a mouse and keyboard, a grid appears on the canvass as if to place but the table/button etc doesnt appear. I've also tried firefox on android, and "Request Desktop Site" within the browser, and is the same each time.

It's a shame as it means i cannot develop on my tablet for some reason



Hey Colin! Thank you for raising this. I’m not sure we have plans to support this on the near future (we’re currently prioritizing Retool Mobile development), but I put in a feature request for this :slightly_smiling_face:

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No problem thank you, it was just a bit strange that it works on windows chrome but not android chrome, id thought they were the same thing :rofl: