Compare query differences before saving


I forgot what I changed here and now I'm not sure if I want to save the changes or not. The only way to figure out what I changed is to take screenshots then refresh the page to forget unsaved changes and compare with the pictures taken.

surprisingly, nobody has pointed out a button I've staired at for days and never noticed this week... :innocent: hopefully somebody else has come across this problem and found an easier way


Would like to see an easier solution. I usually copy it, do not save, and then reload to compare.
+1 for sure

:rofl: that duplicate button!!! :pleading_face: i did know about it, but I think I've only used it once or twice.

I'm gonna count it, it's close enough :sunglasses:

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:joy: true true, nitpicking that it would be cool that we could have similar feature to what release history has side by side.


+1 to this - agree that there are plenty of workarounds (I personally like notepad++ :rofl:) but a (popup?) compare would be awesome.

Requested! I'll follow up if I get any updates internally