Communication about upcoming changes

I have mentioned this before.

I find it remarkable that our development people make changes without advance notice to us developers.

I am referring to :

  1. the new log in procedures which require an email to confirm it is us. I don't see why this is necessary. The email form that comes out makes no sense. I had to click until I found an option that worked. It was trial and error.
  2. When we search in the code section, we now get a new screen the offers 10 choices. I click "Preview" each time. It just seems like a lot of extra clicking.

I am wondering about the process:
a) are these changes tested in advance with selected developers?
b) would it not be good to send an advance notice to us developers explaining what is going and why?


Please use the org login page, not the generic retool login page, when you are apart of multiple orgs. Can you provide more clarification for your second question?