Command + Shift + F Shortcut Chrome Mac

Just trying to maximise screen real estate for the IDE by going full screen.
Chrome's shortcut for toggling full screen is also allocated to an action in Retool, preventing it's use in Chrome. Is there a way to edit the Retool shortcuts?

I just noticed in Shopify it is also bound to the same key to open the search bar in the products tab, but pressing the same key twice will toggle fullscreen in Chrome. Perhaps something to consider, as in Retool it opens the "Find" code window and pressing again does nothing. (if it's not possible to reassign the key ourselves)

For anyone else who's looking to expand screen real estate, I did just find a Chrome Flag that shows the tab and url bars on hover. chrome: flags -> immersive full screen. Enable this. Much better.

Hello @jason3w!

Thank you for reporting this and providing the work around for using the chrome flag to enable 'immersive full screen' so that tab/url bar only appears on hover.

I unfortunately users cannot edit the already created shortcuts in retool, however, you can add new ones as outlined in our docs here. A full list of the assigned shortcuts can also be found in our docs here.

For mac it looks like:
control command f -> toggle full screen
shift command f -> toggle search in retool

Hope this helps!

Sorry the shortcut I was hoping to use on Mac was to show and hide the toolbar when in full screen.

Ahh ok I see, thanks for letting me know. Since the retool built in shortcuts can't be changed, my best advice would be to add a new custom shortcut for the behavior you want.

Let me know if there's anything else I can do to help!