Columns are not sorting

Hi there,

I have a table on which I have used Server Side Pagination. Before this type pagination I was able to sort the table rows by clicking on the column names of the table.
But after Server Side Pagination, I'm not able to sort table data by clicking on column names.

Is there any other way to sort tables rows when needed while using Server Side Pagination?

I believe sorting would have to be server side too if you're only retrieving a page at a time into the table component

No. Nothing happens when I click on column names

Nothing visible maybe, but the sort change event should be firing - is it not triggering?
You'll need to catch this event and use it as the trigger to re-run your server side query to do the sorting/pagination when the user interacts with the table
You'll need to use something like table1.sortedColumn and table1.sortedDesc in your query

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Let me try.