Column Type Tag (Dropdown) Tag Color JS Issue

I am running into an issue/bug with the column type Tag (Dropdown) where the Tag Color JS not working as expected. The tag color JS does not have any effect on the tag color in the table as I would expect. When viewing the string information from the tag color JS input, the correct color is coming back, however, the table tag color does not change. I am working on Retool version 2.95.1 and have attached a screenshot of my setup for reference. Is this a bug in the current Retool version?

Hey @Chase! This is a known issue that our dev team is currently looking into. Will report back here when there's a fix!

Thank you, @Kabirdas, sounds good!

@Kabirdas any update on this? I face the same issue.

The dev team has made progress here and is looking at shipping a fix with the 2.96.1 release, will confirm here when it's live!

I have the same error. Table tag color and label not showing

Hey all! Doing some circling around the forums to let people know that the Tag type is being deprecated specifically for Custom Columns, more info and a workaround here.

For normal columns, this behavior should be fixed! Let me know here if you're still seeing issues with the Tag type in columns that are not Custom Columns, and otherwise please refer to the linked thread with any questions :slightly_smiling_face: