Column specific event handling with dynamic columns

  • Goal: I am dynamically populating a table with different cell formats. Some of those are buttons. I would like to have specific callbacks for each button.

  • Steps: I've looking in the dynamic column area. I can specify mappedArrays with the format & editability of the cells, but there isn't one for queries.

I then tried doing an overall click cell handler for the whole table. My hope was to find a way to identify the column of the clicked cell so that I could filter the response from there. However, I could not find a value like "SelectedColumn" for example, or any other way to parse the selected column.


Below is the table within which I would like the buttons in each column to have a different query.


Hi there @Josh_Bamberger and welcome to the forum!

You can enable the "Cell selection" option in your table settings


and you will be able to reference table.selectedCell.columnId . I did a quick test with the button and it also works when the button is clicked.