colorMapper's value not shown in table cell via Dynamic column settings

Hi, I have the following Dynamic column settings

  name: "12.1.",
  mapper: '{\{ self.value }\}',
  colorMapper: 'red',
  name: "13.1.",
  mapper: '{\{ self.value }\}',
  colorMapper: '{\{ self.color }\}',

and the resulting color is also shown in the tables setting for a given column (i.e. 12.1.) however, the actual color is not used as background.
Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

@jul I saw that you have been using the colorMapper successfully here Color table cell according to currentRow - #5 by jul maybe you can give me a hint here, too? Thanks!

Hey @fabianmu!

It looks as though you have the mapper set up correctly, running a quick test with it seems to return the expected result:

Would you mind sharing a bit more about your app's configuration? It might be helpful to see the shape of your data, any other table settings you have, or any custom CSS you're using in your app!

Thanks @Kabirdas Yeah I guess how you plugged it together is correct.
We're looking into it, my hunch is that we did something wrong where we defined the colors.

Alright, curious to know what you find! And if you there's more you can share I'm happy to take a look at that as well :slightly_smiling_face:

It's most likely a bug that would be the only problem that would cause that situation

Why are you running it systematic try running the test separate first then combine them both to run as a jump to keep them from connecting at the same time at the end so the program can run auto with less problems

So, we ended up solving it this way and not leverating the dynamic column settigns at all... not straigt forward at the first look but it does work really well.
This also gives us dynamic captions in the header row.
(blurred the content of the table for privacy reasons).

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