Cloudformation - yaml enviromental variables update - domain and cookie

I setup Retool on premise using cloud formation. Based on the other threads it states I need to define the environment variables for for HTTPS by 1) enabling cookies and 2) setting a base domain name.

I have read the retool-onpremise/retool.yaml at master · tryretool/retool-onpremise · GitHub file and tried to mirror it, but to no avail it keeps failing.

Preface - I'm not an SDE and have little experience. I'm using the cloud formation designer with YAML.

Hey @Justin1112!

Sorry to be giving such a late reply here :grimacing:

Unfortunately, we don't have much documentation on setting up HTTPS with our CloudFormation template right now. The current template is meant primarily to do very simple deployments of Retool and ones with more features are typically done manually. I also personally have not set up an instance using the template and so cannot speak from experience. That being said, we can certainly help look into any particular blockers that you might be running into.

Would you mind posting any errors you're getting when your deployment fails? Do you already have a cert provider that you're using? Also curious to know what other threads you're referencing for context!