Closing topics in the Community

Hello! I'm a frequent Community reader. This forum makes using Retool for a non-developer like me possible.

Recently I've noticed old threads are being closed; which, I understand is part of keeping a discussion forum healthy (even though I often benefit from new posts to old threads.)

Yesterday a relatively new thread was closed after being solved. I have follow up questions for the topic. How should I submit them? A brand new nearly identical post seems like clutter and I don't want to make a faux pas. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance! This community is absolutely essential to success with Retool. I appreciate all of you that contribute!


Yes create a new post don’t worry friend. If you want to use my code text etc feel free to do it.

Thank you


Hey @awilly! As @agaitan026 mentioned, please start a new thread with any questions that you have. You are always able to link to older threads that have been closed to add additional context, ask follow up questions etc. Have a great day!