Close All Editor Tabs

Hi Retool Team,

I wanted to suggest a feature that would greatly enhance the user experience: the ability to close all editor tabs at once, similar to what VSCode offers.

As a frequent user, I often end up with many open tabs while debugging or building new features. Having a "Close All Tabs" option would be a game changer, streamlining the workflow and saving time by eliminating the need to manually close each tab individually.

This addition would be a small yet impactful improvement, making the development process much more efficient.

Thanks for considering this request!

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Hi @zach_b ,

We actually do have this feature! To close all tabs, you need to right click one of the tabs and select "Close all tabs". The keyboard shortcut is Option+Command+T on Mac or Option+Windows+T on Windows


Ah that's brilliant.
Thanks Jennifer :pray: