Clickup Post Api Calls Not Working

So I have been working on connecting Clickup to Retool using Clickup's api and it's been working mostly fine. I've been able to seamlessly pull data using the GET requests but now I was trying to create a task on Clickup which would require a POST request and it isn't working. In fact I tried to create a list as well and not working either. I basically realized none of my POST requests are working. They all just return some invalid name error.

I have used both JSON and raw (with content-type set to application/json) and neither works

Hey @Moyi!

Happy to help here! Are you getting a similar error code when you try to create a task? "Name Invalid"? Are you unable to write anything using POST requests to clickup? If so, could you check your token team permissions (link to docs here). Hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions! :slight_smile: