clearChangeset doesn't clear newRows

Hi, I have a table set up to add new rows but after running the update query and a successful refetching of the data the new row interface still stays open and the editor shows that newRows still has the new data. I have checked the box to "clear changeset on update" and I also have the update query manually running "clearChangeset" on success (and it is succeeding) but the new row data still remains.

Hey @Alex_Long , thank you so much for reporting this! It definitely should be clearing the new row as well when you check clear changeset on update. I am seeing this reproduce as well on my end. I will fix this and update you here when that's ready!

To this point:

I also have the update query manually running "clearChangeset" on success (and it is succeeding) but the new row data still remains.

In the screenshot you sent, I don't see any reference to a clearChangeset() call. I do however see a .refresh() call. I am seeing on my end that if I do table1.clearChangeset() or table1.refresh(), it does reset the newRows variable, so unsure why that's not working for you. To double check, are you on cloud or on prem? If you're on prem, what version are you on? I want to make sure we're both running the same version before I debug further.

Hi Darya! Thanks for your response. I'm on cloud. I've tried both clearChangeset and refresh, as well as both at the same time, with no success. Screenshot attached. Thanks for the help. :+1:


@Alex_Long After some more testing internally, I'm actually unable to reproduce the first issue as well. This leads me to think that maybe there is some setup that might be incorrect, although I can't see from these screenshots what it might be (what you've sent me looks correct).

Is there any chance you'd be comfortable sending me an exported JSON of your app so that I can investigate on my end? You can DM me to keep it private to the 2 of us.

If you're comfortable sending it, to get a download, click top right ... button and you'll see an option to Export to JSON:

If you're not comfortable (totally understandable!), would it be possible to send screenshots of:

  • how your table Save event handler is set up on the table's end?
  • what query your table is connected to and getting data from
  • what query is running the save event handler (so a more complete screenshot of the first image you posted in this thread)

-- Darya