Clear and save console in retool mobile

hi i think is a good thing if we can clear and/or save the console in the mobile app service.

Hey @Mredodos!

Thanks for the feedback here. I've passed the feedback along to our mobile team! It's exciting to see people using the debug console and the devs are looking at improving it :slightly_smiling_face:

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Agree, this would be very useful. My mobile device is a Zebra scanner and it has a very small screen. Being the console also being very small without the option to resize, it's really difficult to troubleshoot from the console.

Saving the console output and maybe also the states, so they can be viewed in the browser would be helpful.

Appgyver has a debug option where it connects straight from the browser to the mobile app if they're on the same wifi.

Hey folks! Just want to give an update that the ability to clear the debug console on mobile devices has been added. Let me know if you run into any issues with it!

Hi @Kabirdas , the clear console option was already available. Saving/exporting the output and stated not (yet).

Ah sorry for the late update @mbruijnpff and thanks for clarifying. There's no update for the ability to export logs yet.