Charting custom columns from a table

Hi everyone!

I'd like to create a chart using a table as the Data source -- simple enough.

However, I'd like the y-axis of the chart to be a Custom column from the table data source, and, unfortunately, this doesn't seem to be available in Retool.

Can someone confirm if this feature is unavailable? I'm sure there are workarounds to this (e.g. using Plotly JS directly from the query data source), and I can include details of my desired outcome below if that's helpful.

Solved this on my own!

Turns out you can reference custom columns from a table in other components using {{ table.columnMappers['Custom Column 1'] }} as the source. 'Custom Column 1' must be used instead of the custom name given to the column inside the table.

Hope this helps someone else!

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@jordanp Thanks for posting the issue and coming back to share with others in the community! This can be very helpful to other people that comes across this issue.