Chart from table

Hello, i have created a chart from a table directly imported through Stripe API.

I would like to import on this chart only postive amount. Do you know a solution for example using the "type" column ? (Because when type=charge the amount is >0)

My date on column "created" is using unix number. I have tried to put this code the X tick format but dosn't work also ..

"{{moment.unix('{{}}').format("MM/DD/YYYY HH:mm")}}"

Do you know how i can fix it ?

And last question any of you have created a chart without creating a table from stripe ?

Right now it's little bit tedious i m creating all API, then creating a table from this API and creating a chart from the table.

Thanks for you help,


Hi @wmakria, can you share a screenshot of the Query that you’re using to pull the Stripe data (in the bottom panel of the editor), and screenshots of the configurations for your Table and your Chart (in the right hand panel)? This will help us help you with the question about your chart. (The short answer is that yes, you should be able to create a Chart without first creating a Table, and you can filter out the negative amounts, but we likely need to write some Javascript.)

For the “created” column, you can use self instead of Here’s an example: