Changing view and from clicking HREF in a table cell

I'm trying to get a table cell to be clickable so that the app changes state to a different container and triggers the table INSIDE the new container to run data with a parameter passed from the click.

I see that I can make an HREF inside the cell.. but i tried this inside my cell mapped value:

{{ '<a href="javascript:console.log(111);" 
     onlick="console.log(222); return false;">'+self+'</a>' }}

also tried:

  {{ '<a href="javascript:tabbedContainer1.setCurrentViewIndex(1);" 
       onlick="tabbedContainer1.setCurrentViewIndex(1); return false;">'
            +self+'</a>' }}

doesn't seem to work. Any ideas?

Using html column type might not be possible with what you're attempting to do. I tried as well and not able to do it.

Would Action or Button column type help solve your use case?


Button column type

Appreciate the response. I'll try that out thank you!