Changes in the app doesn't reflect in the public link


I built an app and it is used through the public link. Any changes I make to that app are not being reflected in the public link. When I made the app, public link was a part of the retool plan I had. Now my plan doesn't support it anymore, but I can still access the public link because the app was made before they changed the features of the plan. I am not sure when they changed the features, but this is only happening after that. Earlier my changes used to reflect in the public link when I saved them.

I also have another app that I have built, which is also used through the public link, but the changes made in that app are reflected in the public link. So my plan not supporting public links for new apps is not the issue (I thought of creating a new app, but any app that didn't already have a public link doesn't let me get the public link). I am not sure why this is happening. Any changes to the components or the queries used, nothing is reflected. And it is only happening with one of the apps. I save the changes, and my saved version is the live version. How do I resolve this?

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I believe the issue you're facing isn't related to your apps being public, but the current plan you are on.

It seems that your app is stuck on a previous Release Version. Release Versions are a feature that is only available on the Team, Business, or Enterprise plans (see pricing doc here for reference).

If you publish a Release Version while on a higher tier plan, then later switch to the Free plan, the app will remain on the older published version even if you make changes. This is because you cannot switch Release Versions while on the Free plan.

I am adding your post to an internal ticket to help prevent this problem in the future.

As an FYI, for anyone facing this issue with non-public apps, there is another workaround you can use with URL params. If you add a param for releaseVersion and set it equal to latest, it will show your latest changes even if there is a previous published release. Here is a doc on how to implement that.

Hope this helps!