Change underlying resource of a dashboard

I am currently developing a dashboard application that will be used by various clients. Each client's data is stored in it's own warehouse but the underlying schema is the same for all of them. Ideally, the dashboard should be automatically created once the user has signed up and completed the steps needed for data transfer and normalization.

Is there anyway to dynamically clone dashboard prime and and update the cloned dashboard to use the newly created resource?

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Im looking for such a solution there has to ben an option to change the resource

Hi @sevceo Thank you for the feedback! This sounds like something that should be doable via a Workflow and our Retool API, however we are missing some endpoints such as create/POST app and create/POST resource.
I have created a request internally to look into adding these endpoints and will keep you posted on here when this is available :raised_hands: I don't have a timeline for this yet, but will be in touch!
In the meantime you could export and import apps as json but you would need to create the individual resources for each warehouse.

Just a quick heads up here - creating/POST resources is already possible with our v1 API, see here
I'll be in touch when creating apps will be possible :raised_hands: