Change default values for components


I would like to change the default values of some components. For example I would like to set the Table row height to "compact" and the overflow to "scroll" by default, so that I do not have to change these settings every time I add a new Table.

Is it possible to change / set new defaults for Retool's components?
I see a mention of presets in the documentation, but it's not explained how to create them.


Thanks for reaching out about this, @maxmouchet

Currently, we don't support presetting table configs :disappointed:. New tables will have the Retool default settings, unless you copy + paste a modified table. This is a feature request that we'll hopefully support in the future!

I believe the presets part of our docs refers to certain components that we offer by default, such as the URL component, which is a specialized text input. At this time, we don't have a way to create new presets.