Change cursor to new listView element

I'm using a listView and I'm dinamically creating new editable text rows with a button!
The button is working fine, but everytime I create the new text field the cursor to type the text is not changing the position, someone know how to change the position of the typing cursor?
I asked to the "copilot" of retool and it returned me

function changeCursorToNextElement() {
  const listView = listView2; // assuming "listView2" is the ListViewWidget

  // Get the index of the currently focused element
  const currentIndex = listView.value.findIndex(item => item.retoolInternal_rowKey === listView.currentRowKey);

  // Calculate the index of the next element
  const nextIndex = currentIndex + 1;

  // Set the focus on the next element

  // Set the cursor to the input field of the next element
  const nextElement = listView.rows[nextIndex];
  const inputField = nextElement.querySelector('input');

return changeCursorToNextElement();

But a lot of functions like querySelector, setCurrentViewIndex are not working.

Is there a way to change this cursor?

Hi @Matheus_Tramontini_Lopes

I'd recommend adding an event handler that focuses the component that you're adding the listView, similar to this example: