Center header title

When I center a column, the header (title) doesn’t center. Is there a good way to do that?

Can you suggest a workaround if it must be done in custom CSS?

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Hey @wfisher! This is a…good point. We should be centering the column header too if you’re centering the cells in it.

Anyway, until then, this CSS will center all column headers. I haven’t found a way to only center headers for columns that you set to centered, so TBD on that.

div.rt-column-header-name {
	text-align: center;

@alex covers how to add custom CSS to your apps here! How to write custom CSS in Retool!

Perfect. Would love if you could add that as a feature request.

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Hey @wfisher!

A long time coming, but this has been fixed! The header will now center with the column contents. Thank you for writing in with this request. :clap: