Can't use external library (Highlight)

Hi! I'm having an issue with recording my users' sessions using I've attached screenshots to show my setup. Do you have any ideas about what could be happening?

Despite checking the box to ensure the script runs when the page loads and adding console logs (which confirm it's executing), no sessions appear on Do you have any suggestions or insights into what might be happening?

Hey @danielhow!

Tried testing this a bit on my end in a custom component as well and it doesn't seem to be working for me either. Not seeing a clear indication of what's going wrong :thinking: but it's very possible that this library isn't supported within Retool.

All custom JavaScript is run in a sandboxed environment within your Retool app, so while I'm not very familiar with Highlight I'd be curious to know what access and permissions it needs to be able to run.

What are you looking to track in particular? Is Highlight something you're using elsewhere as well?