Can't trigger a javascript query in PDF exporter

Hello, I'm trying to use PDFExporter to generate a PDF that is representative of my app. My app is a very long form which is why i cant use the download PDF util. I have a bunch of radio inputs. I'd like to show all the options and the selected one in the PDF. I thought I could accomplish this by using a javascript query that would take the name of the component and be able to return a string with the options formatted and showing the selected one as well. It seems that I cant trigger a javascript query from within the PDF exporter. Is this the case? any idea how i could accomplish this goal? I feel like I'm hitting the walls of what retool can do.

Hey @jblaze! You are correct, the PDF exporter does not allow you to trigger queries inside of it, but you can reference the data of other queries in the app. Can you use a standalone JS query to return the appropriate string and then reference that data in the PDF Exporter?

Hey, Thanks for the response. I'm not sure I understand the difference between "triggering a js query" and "referencing the data from a js query"

Sure, you can reference the results of a query ie:

JS Query:

PDF Exporter:


But you cannot do this:

So if you have a JS query that returns the appropriate data, you can reference it in the PDF Exporter.