Cant set value of temporary state

I defined a new temporary state variable named new_count and set it's initial value to 0.
But when i try to change the value inside of a js-script the .setValue function is not defined.
How do i set a value of a temporary state variable?

You shouldn't have to set the initial new_count value to 0....

but if you type "s" after new_count. you should see setValue appear...


OK not sure what version you are running, but maybe it's a bug because it is working for me....I am running on the free version 2.94.6


Ok for some reason refreshing the page did the trick.

I don't know why, but i assume this is just webtools being garbage usual.

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Just leaving this here for anyone else who comes across this, and maybe draw some attention to fix this. I just ran into the same thing. My state setValue calls suddenly stopped working at one point. I spent literally hours trying everything under the sun to get it working. All I had to do was refresh and that fixed it.

Hey @Chris_Hansen, thanks for bumping this thread. Have you come across this outside of the one time? It sounds like a bug that's potentially been causing a lot of frustration/wasted time.

Hi there! So I'm facing the same issue, and refreshing the page isn't working for me. my retool version is v0.4.3.

Ah! Would you mind if I stepped in and took a look at the app where this is happening so that I can try and reproduce the issue?