Can't get values into localStorage

I have had no difficulty with this in the past but suddenly my code isn't working for saving values to localStorage.

The first screen capture shows the code. The second screen capture shows the table I am saving from.

The result is an undefined value in localStorage, Any thoughts?


Hi Mike,

Just to double-check here: in your screenshot the SetTotalsInStorage JS query tab shows the little blue dot, meaning it has unsaved changes; have you tried running it after saving?

And do you see anything suspicious in the Debug Tools console?

There is something wrong with table2. It will not save to the server and is giving me huge headaches.

I have 2 tables active, so I ended up saving the 2 variables to extra fields in table1.

It would make me so happy if I could find a way of saving to localStorage with mySql. I am saving to the Retool Tables so I can recover the values and put them in localStorage using JavaScript.