Can't connect to recent upgraded Retool Database using Navicat

I can no longer connect to my Retool Database since the 2-3 December upgrade. Previously I'd used Navicat to connect without any issues but now I get an error when using the updated connection string:

ERROR: Endpoint ID is not specified. Either please upgrade the postgres client library (libpq) for SNI support or pass the endpoint ID (first part of the domain name) as a parameter: '?options=endpoint%3D'. See more at Connection errors - Neon Docs

None of the solutions posted at appear to work. I know the connection string is good because I can successfully connect using other postgreSQL clients - Postico and pgAdmin. Is there likely to be a fix at your end or is it a problem with Navicat?

Can you show the navicat setup? Like you said, the connection string works. Maybe navicat is using an outdated method to connect to the database?

Anyway, here are some guide from Neon about fixing this issue: Connection errors - Neon Docs

Also, could you inspect if you have the latest version of Navicat, or upgrade if not (?)

It looks like I've found the solution. In the Neon connection errors page, option 4 appears to be the only one that works: Specify the endpoint ID in the password field. When I put endpoint=[endpoint_id];[password] in the password field, where endpoint_id similar to ep-word-anotherword-numbers, Navicat connects. Thank you.