Cannot use value of transformer in API parameter

I am making an API call to Carbone (PDF generator site) to generate a PDF based on JSON data that I provide.

I have a transformer that currently generates this JSON based on how many values are in a table component. I have provided an image of my transformer.

When I hardcode the value that the transformer returns into the data parameter of the API call, it works completely fine, however, when I input the value of the transformer (which I need to do), it fails.

I have also provided an image of my API call with the value that I receive from the transformer.

Hey @David57940!

Odd that the string isn't being passed properly here. I'm curious to see how you're hardcoding it. If you can preview the query and post screenshots of the API request being made as well that might help to contrast the actual values being sent by Retool in each case:

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I made a mistake, the API only accepts objects, so I had to use JSON.parse(JSONString) to get it to work.

Thank you for the response!