Cannot save changes to REST API resource using parameterised base URL

We had previously configured a REST API resource to use a variable marker to contain the full base URL of the resource of interest. In 2.63.15 this worked, but in some version after 2.63.15 and before 2.63.48, an edit check on the screen now refuses to enable the save button if the base URL field contains only a variable marker. This means we cannot create new resources with only variable markers and we can’t edit existing resources specified with variable markers.

A workaround is to only use variable markers in other parts of the URL, but this inconvenient for us to specify particularly since we use http in some environments and https in other environments, so if the protocol cannot be parameterised we can’t handle the variation across environments cleanly.

Could you please advise if this is a known issue and is there an intent to fix it. If not, what is your recommendation about the best way to proceed?

Fixed in 2.66.49!

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Thanks for the speedy response and (I think?) fix. Superb!