Cannot publish a release that includes only deleted files


Merging pull requests that exclusively remove components (file deletions) renders the resulting merge commit un-releasable. This necessitates additional, artificial PRs with minor changes to trigger release detection.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a PR that solely deletes a component (file).
  2. Merge the PR into the main branch.
  3. Attempt to generate a release from the merged commit.

Expected Behavior:

  • Release creation should succeed for all PRs with code changes, including those involving only file deletions.

Actual Behavior:

  • Release creation fails for PRs containing only file deletions.
  • A workaround involves submitting another PR with a minor change to trigger release detection.

Hey @rhirsh! Thank you for such a clear report, I really appreciate it (seriously, I can just copy and paste it into my internal report).

I followed your repro steps, and don't think I'm seeing the same thing (I'm able to create a release from the merged commit of a single component delete).

Would you mind sharing a screen recording of this happening on your end? :pray: