Cannot login on 2nd instance of self-hosted Retool

I have installed self-hosted retool with the same license key on the 2nd computer. I can start retool there but cannot login with the same user and password.
Do I need another account?
Thanks, Michael


Are they using both the same (external) postgres database? Otherwise they’re both running their own postgres containers and then they won’t share the settings and users.

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thanks for the answer.
how can I copy the postgres database from one instance to another? One instance runs in the cloud and I want to copy this instance to local instance. Is it possible to use psql and pg_dumpall on retool postgres database? What are the credentials for retool postgres database? I want only to make new installation and use it instead of cloud installation.

You could indeed copy the database from one instance to the other. Or you could use a (managed) postgres db that can be accessed by both instances. You can find some info on migrating the database here. The password you can find in your docker.env file.

Thanks a lot! I'll read it.