Cannot create an API key with scope Embed

I am following the Embed Quickstart here.

It says in the pricing and at the top of this Quickstart that this feature is available on the Business Plan. However, when I try to create an API Key with the embed scope (step 1 in the instructions), the create button is greyed out. Furthermore, on this page (the API Page) the learn more link leads to this page which says that the API is in Beta and only available to Enterprise customers.

Our entire use case and all of the development we are doing depends on the Embed feature since we have to authenticate users on our own backend. Please advise on how we can use the Embed feature.

Thanks for your help.

Sorry for any confusion in the docs - the ability to create API keys for the Embed scope is included in the Business plan. To be able to create an API key, you must be an admin in the organization. Admins on the business plan should be able to create a key after filling out all form fields in the modal with the embed scope checked. Please let me know if you continue to have issues.