Can transform 'remove' (not include) a column from a dataset (changedataArray)

  • Goal: I'm trying to edit a changesetArray because I work on data from two tables, I need specific fields and if I include the whole row, bulk update fails when it is trying to update all fields, however I do need some values and not others

  • Steps: I am hoping Transformer can be used to get the changesetArray data, then return back only some of the included fields/columns - and I then use the transformer data in my Bulk update - that part already works.

  • Details: example of a dataset which I get with 'include entire row in changesetArray':
    ID: 123
    Name: A
    City: B
    School : C

The same comes from a basic transformer which basically does nothing at the moment:

const data = {{Example.changesetArray}}
return data

And I hope there is some code that can make it return only ID, Name, City

I'm sure this is actually very basic...

Thank you!

Hi, you can do the following
in my case i deleted enabled key

let changesetArray = table1.changesetArray

let newArray = {
  delete item.enabled
  return item

return newArray

Amazing Oscar thank you so much! Works like magic.